Cohen, Barbara. The Vietnam Guidebook. Teaneck, New Jersey: Eurasia Press, 1990.
The author, a psychiatrist, served as a major with the US medical corps during the Vietnam war. This book, however, concentrates on the civilization and culture of Vietnam, rather than the country's social/political history.

Florence, Mason and Robert Storey. Lonely Planet Vietnam. Melbourne: Lonely Planet Publications, 2001.
A guidebook with good sections on Vietnamese history and culture.

Parker, Lewis. Dropping in on Vietnam. Vere Beach, Florida: Rouike Book Company, 1994.
A children's book with photographs and text about life in Vietnam.

Turner, Gottschang Karen and Hao Than Thanh. Even Women Must Fight: Memories of War From North Vietnam. Toronto: John Wiley and Sons: 1998.
The authors examine the Vietnamese struggle for independence.

Wright, David K. Vietnam. Chicago: Children's Press, 1989.
Part of the Enchantment of the World Series for children, this book is full of maps and photographs. Wright explains the geography, history, economy and customs of Vietnam.


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