Although friends are important to Venezuelans, the family is at the centre of their lives. Most spend a great deal of their free time with their families. Three generations of people may live together in the same house or apartment, and elderly people are usually treated with respect. Grandparents, or abuelitos, often look after young children if both parents work outside the home.

 Venezuelans tend to be tolerant of cultural and racial differences. Many Venezuelans have married people who are not of their own race or culture. As a result of this intermarriage, the majority of Venezuelans are of mixed race, or mestizo

Women in Venezuela often work outside of the home. Many are professionals such as lawyers and doctors. Women now outnumber men in many university programs. They also take an active role in politics, and many women have been part of the Venezuelan Congress. Nevertheless, women are still expected to be responsible for the care of children, the elderly and the home.
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Venezuelan families like to eat out and meet friends in restaurants. This may be why Caracas has more restaurants per inhabitant than any other Latin American city.
Larger cities have modern housing developments and apartment buildings. The Venezuelan government has sponsored housing developments, but because of recent economic difficulties, many people cannot afford good housing. Some poor families build their own houses in shantytowns around the cities. These areas are called ranchos. They often lack city services such as electricity, water and sewers. 

Some people in the coastal regions of Venezuela live in houses on stilts called palefitos. The stilts keep the house dry and free from some insects. In the mountainous Andean region, houses are often made of adobe bricks or lime mortar to keep cold winds out. Some of the indigenous peoples have unique types of housing. Yanomami people live under a large circular roof called a yano. One yano can hold up to one hundred families. Each family has its own place within the yano.

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One of the most famous women in Venezuelan politics is Irene Sáez. Not only was she elected governor of the State of Nueva Esparta, but she has also won the Miss Universe beauty pageant. She has created a new national party called IRENE (Integración Representación Nueva Esperanza)