Lerner Publications Company, Geography Department. Ukraine, Lerner Publications Company, 1993.
A well-illustrated book for young people about the history, culture and life of the Ukrainian people. It is probably the best introduction to Ukraine in an easy-to-read format.

Czuboka, Michael. Ukrainian Canadian, Eh?: The Ukrainians of Canada and Elsewhere as Perceived by Themselves and Others, Communigraphics, 1983.
A readable, entertaining look at Ukrainian immigrants to Canada since the 1890s. The first half of the book contains a wealth of information about Ukrainian customs, the second half contains biographies of well-known Ukrainian Canadians.

Kostash, Myrna. All of Baba's Children, Hurtig Publishers, 1977.
Myrna Kostash, a Ukrainian Canadian writer from Edmonton, wrote this account of the experiences of her parents' generation of Ukrainian immigrants to Canada. She has also written Bloodlines (1993) Douglas and McIntyre, about her travels in Ukraine and Eastern Europe during the 1980s.

Lencyk Pawliczko, Ann. Ukraine and Ukrainians throughout the World, University of Toronto Press, 1994.
A detailed examination of the role of Ukrainian immigrants in countries around the world. The first three chapters contain a concise look at the history and people of Ukraine. There is also a chapter on Ukrainians in Canada.

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