You may be a member of the HOST Program or an employer or represent a social agency and want to know something about people from the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. This booklet provides some information to help you understand the history and life of these people. The abbreviation T & T is used by the residents and immigrants from Trinidad and Tobago, so this will be used throughout the profile to refer to both islands. When either place is mentioned separately, it is done to make a distinction between the two.

There are approximately 60,000 Trinidadians in Canada. Trinidadians and Tobagonians live in all areas of Canada, although most live in the Toronto area. They leave their country for education, professional advancement, job opportunities, family reunification and adventure. T & T has a diverse cultural mix. Its multi-faceted history has created a population with a great sense of vitality, creativity and communal life. Cultural integration occurs with ease in T & T.

While the cultural profile provides insight into some customs, it does not cover all facets of life. The customs described may not apply in equal measure to all newcomers from this country.

Did you know?

Most Tobagonians are of African descent, while Trinidad is the most cosmopolitan society in the Caribbean. People of Asian, African and European descent, and a mixture of these, live together on this island.