Trinidadians and Tobagonians have gained a reputation for enjoying life. "Fete" is their word for party, and the people of T & T have been known to create fetes even in the midst of crises. It is no surprise that T & T hosts one of the world's greatest festivals, Carnival. It is a celebration that has become an institution without boundaries in which all races, old, young, rich and poor participate. Visitors travel from other parts of the world to share in the celebration. Carnival in T & T officially lasts for two days, but it is anticipated all year round with people designing costumes, composing songs and practising on steel bands.
Cricket is a popular sport in T & T. The equipment used to play the game is similar to baseball, but the rules and scores are different. T & T nationals, as part of the West Indian cricket team, have dominated this game internationally for years. People play cricket in parks, on the street and in open spaces during the dry season.

 Soccer, netball, field hockey and volleyball are also popular sports. Going to the beach and horse races are favourite recreational activities in Trinidad. There are many beautiful golf courses as well.

Did you know? 

Liming is part of Trinidad's recreational life. It means passing the time, not doing anything too purposeful, being with friends for the sake of relaxing. It takes place at the beach, on street corners, in bars and outside shops.