This profile gives you a brief overview of T & T life. If you want to get a better understanding of the culture and the people, here are a few suggested readings.

Saft, Elisabeth (ed.). Trinidad and Tobago, Apa Publications/Hougton Mifflin, 1996.
This is the second edition of this guide. It is remarkable in its presentation of bold pictures and historical and cultural information. Written primarily by T & T nations, it captures the spirit of the islands in a stimulating manner. Look in the travel section of any major bookstore for this book.

Naipaul, V. S. House for Mr. Biswas, Penguin books, 1961. Mr. Biswas offers the reader a humourous insight into Indo-Trinidadian family life.

Williams, Eric. From Columbus to Castro: the History of the Caribbean, 1492-1969, Andre Deutsch Limited, 1970.
This book, written by the man who was T & T's longest-reigning Prime Minister, is the first complete history of the region. Written at a time when some of the islands were becoming independent and losing their status as colonies, it is a re-telling of the history of the region, exposing its heritage of European exploitation and neglect.

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