The islands of T & T are in the Southern Caribbean, off the Venezuelan coast. The south coast of Trinidad is 10 km from Venezuela, and Tobago lies 33 km to the north of Trinidad. In Trinidad, there are three low mountain ranges: the Northern, Central and Southern ranges. Tobago has a hilly range in the centre and flat lands in the south and the west. Together, these two islands have rivers, mangrove swamps, tropical savannahs, streams and a diverse and colourful marine life.
The tropical rain forests of T & T are more typical of South America and less like those of the Caribbean islands. These two islands were detached from South America 11,000 years ago. In T & T, the temperature ranges from 20 C to 32 C, during its two seasons. The dry season lasts from January to June and the rainy season from July to December. T & T is rich in natural gas and oil. Oil production, refining and natural gas are significant industries of the local economy. T & T is one of the world's major exporters of ammonia, urea, methanol, petroleum and wire rods.
Did you know?

T & T has what could be called the eighth wonder of the world, Pitch Lake near the town of La Brea. It has crude oil in it which reaches the earth's surface by seeping through a fault line in the sandstone 76 metres below ground. The pitch swirls slowly, swallowing objects and releasing them years later.

Summary Fact Sheet

Official Name: The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Capital: National: Port of Spain;
Tobago: Scarborough
Type of Government: Parliamentary Democracy
Population: Total: 1.3 million;
Tobago: 46,400
Area: Trinidad: 4,828 sq km,
Tobago: 300 sq km
Major Ethnic Groups: East Indian, African, Mixed, European, Chinese, Lebanese,
Tobago: African
Languages: English, Hindi, English Creole, some French-based patois
Religions: Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Orisha
Unit of Currency: T & T dollar
National Flag: On a red background, a central thick black diagonal stripe runs from the upper left corner to the lower right corner and is flanked on both sides by two thinwhite stripes
Date of Independence: August 31, 2021