Every year, thousands of people from all over the world come to Canada to start a new life. They come with many different skills and with the hope of contributing to their new society. You may be reading this website because you are hosting a Thai family as part of the HOST Program, learning about Thai newcomers in school or working with Thai people who have recently settled in Canada. Whatever the reason for your interest, this website will introduce you to Thai culture and help you understand what life was like for Thai people before they came to Canada.

Canadian culture will seem strange to Thais in many ways, but there are also similarities between Canada and Thailand. Thais will have many of the same questions that you might have if you moved to a new city or town. For instance, they will wonder where they will find a job, which schools their children should attend and what their new community will be like. You can help newcomers from Thailand by answering their questions. Not only can you help them adjust to life in Canada, you will also discover that you can learn a great deal from your new friends.

Although this cultural profile provides insight into some customs, it does not cover all facets of life. The customs described may not apply in equal measure to all newcomers from Thailand.

   Summary Fact Sheet

Official Name Kingdom of Thailand
Capital Bangkok
Type of Government Constitutional Monarchy
Population 67 million
Area 514,000 sq. km
Major Ethnic Groups Thai, Chinese, Laotian, Malay, Khmer
Languages Thai, English, Chinese (Tio-Chiu dialect), regional dialects
Religions Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism
Unit of Currency Baht
National Flag Five horizontal bands of red, white, dark blue, white and red

   Did you know?
Prasert Krachodnok, who emigrated from Thailand to Canada in 1996, has won several gold medals in ice sculpting at Canada's winter festivals. He also creates sculptures with chocolate, soap, butter and Styrofoam.

   Did you know?
King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the present king of Thailand, was born in 1927. He studied engineering in Switzerland and speaks English and French fluently. He is a skilled jazz saxophonist and won a gold medal at the Asian games as a yachtsman.