Until World War II Taiwan's economy was based on agriculture. After the war, Taiwan moved into light industry and consumer products. More recently, the economy has evolved to include heavy industry and technology. Dress shirts, running shoes, tools and computer parts are some of the items produced in Taiwan.
Taiwan's economic miracle was the result of 40 years of work and careful planning. These factors as well as land reform, created an entrepreneurial class. Since 1949, Taiwan has changed from an impoverished country to the modern nation it is today.
Did you know?

Taiwan has one of the world's most dynamic export-oriented economies.

Taiwanese are dedicated and hardworking. Most of them work in the industry and service sectors. Taiwan has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world and even suffers from a labour shortage. This country is currently in the process of shortening the work week and work day. In the past, people worked five eight-hour days and one-half day on Saturdays.

Women are becoming more educated and getting better paying jobs. Today, almost one-half of all women in Taiwan are employed outside the home.

On a narrow plain, along the island's southwestern coast, farmers continue to grow rice, sugar cane, bananas, tea, sweet potatoes, groundnuts, maize and tobacco on the arable land. Hogs, cattle, sheep, ducks, geese, rabbits and chickens are raised for local consumption and export.