Taiwanese enjoy some of the same sports that Canadians do. Many Taiwanese enjoy golf, ping-pong, basketball, soccer, softball and badminton. Health clubs and gyms are used regularly.

Relaxing in one of Taiwan's many teahouses is a favourite way to unwind. Many Taiwanese also like to go out to see movies and to dance. The most popular pastime in Taiwan right now is Karaoke.

Senior men can often be found seated together in small groups, in a temple or on the street around a teapot the size of a fist. This gathering is often referred to as the old men's tea ceremony, or lao-ren ch'a. Ma-jong is a game that older women play for hours as a way to keep their minds active.

In the early morning hours many adults engage in various forms of recreation in city parks. Some of these are folk dancing, practising Kung Fu, playing Chinese chess, aerobics, jogging, stretching and singing. Shadow boxing or T'ai chi ch'uan, and Kung Fu are very popular.

Taiwanese families usually spend their weekends together. Often they will leave the city for a picnic in the country. Night markets are also popular. In Taiwan, many markets come alive only in the evening and are like grand carnivals.

Did you know?

In Taiwan, smiling is a proper response in an embarrassing situation. The smile is offered as an apology.