This profile can give you only a glimpse of Taiwanese culture and life. If you would like to read more here are some suggestions.

Fetherling, Douglas. The Other China: Journeys Around Taiwan, Arsenal Pulp Press, 1995.
Douglas Fetherling has visited Taiwan several times in the past few years as it embraced a market economy and democracy and improved human rights. In the travel narrative, Fetherling explores the cultural, political and historical landscape of Taiwan as it rises to prominence in the 20th century.

Yu, Ling. A Family in Taiwan, Lerner Publications Company, 1990.
This is a very easy-to-read book that can be found in most local libraries. The author documents the daily activities of a Taiwanese family living in Taiwan today.

Cromie, Alice. Enchantment of the World: Taiwan, Children's Press, 1994.
This book should also be available at your local library. It is easy to read and provides a general overview and introduction to various facets of life in Taiwan.

Gates, Hill. Chinese Working Class Lives: Getting by in Taiwan, Cornell University Press, 1987.
Using findings gathered from fieldwork and life histories, this book provides a rich description of the experiences of working class Taiwanese. This book is available at most university libraries.

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