Every year thousands of people from other countries come to Canada to start a new life. They come with many different talents and the hope of contributing to their new society. If you are reading this booklet, you may be interested in finding out more about where Sudanese are from and what it was like in their original home. While this cultural profile provides insight into some customs of the Sudanese people, it must not be taken as a blueprint for how all Sudanese newcomers will respond to Canada. The customs described may not apply in equal measure to all people from this profiled country.
Perhaps you are involved in the HOST Program connected with a Sudanese family, learning about newcomers in school or working with Sudanese who have settled in Canada recently. This information will help you understand what changes they are experiencing and how they can be helped to adapt to Canada.

Sudanese, like many newcomers to Canada, probably arrive with mixed feelings. They may be relieved to be safe at last, but sad to leave behind their friends and family. The decision to make a new home in a different country is not an easy one. People must leave behind everything familiar. Many Sudanese leave their country to escape war or discrimination or for economic reasons.

As you can imagine, Canada will seem quite different from Sudan. Perhaps you can help with practical information that you think anyone would need to know when they move to a new place. You would need to learn new customs and how to get around, what school to attend, where to shop for food, where to find a doctor and, last but not least, where to find new friends.

You will probably find that you have much in common with your new Sudanese friends and many things to learn from them too.