Worrall, Nick. Sudan, London Times Press, 1980.
This book is a good summary in words and photographs of the cultural diversity in contemporary Sudan.

Simone, T. Abdou Maliqalim. In Whose Image?: Political Islam and Urban Practices in Sudan, University of Chicago Press, 1994.
This is a special study by a Muslim social psychologist which makes for interesting reading.

Deng, Francis M. War of Visions: Conflict of Identities in the Sudan, Washington, The Brookings Institution, 1995.
This is a reflection on the roots of political differences in Sudan and the search for solutions by an esteemed Dinka academic. Deng has also written a biography of his father, an important Dinka chief, The Man Called Deng Majok (1986), as well as a novel called Cry of the Owl.

Hale, Sondra. Gender Politics in Sudan: Islamism, Socialism and the State, Westview Press, 1996.
The author investigates how the state, political and religious groups work for political and cultural domination.

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