Cricket and soccer are very popular in St. Vincent. Both children and adults play these sports, either casually or competitively. Vincentians organize cricket and soccer games on any flat, open ground, including the beach. St. Vincent has 14 soccer leagues, and competition is intense. Many Vincentians have been selected to represent the West Indies in cricket. Basketball and netball are also widely enjoyed. In Kingstown, indoor sports such as squash, table tennis, karate and tae kwon do are gaining in popularity.

 Recently, the government has been working to develop the country's physical infrastructure for sports. The government encourages a "sports for all" philosophy through organizations such as the National Sports Council, the National Olympic Association and the Ministry of Sports. 

The islands' coastlines and beaches provide a natural environment for water sports. Most islanders enjoy going to the beach and swimming. Diving, snorkelling, sailing and wind surfing are popular with Vincentians and tourists. The islands also attract yacht and sailboat owners from around the world; some spend the winters in the islands, while others settle there after retirement. 

On the Grenadines, boat launches are important social events. The boat builders throw parties, with goat stew and plenty of music. Bequia and Canouan also hold annual regattas. The Bequia Easter Regatta, established in 1967, is open to local and foreign yacht owners. There are races for all sizes and types of craft-including model sailboats and coconut boats made by children.

  Did you know?
The uninhabited Tobago Cays have been made into a National Marine Park. The shallow-water cays have an abundance of colourful marine life and are among the best snorkelling sites in the world.
Throughout the islands, men love to play dominoes. Games are often held in local rum shops. Young people get together at dances featuring reggae, calypso, soca, steel band and Big Drum music. On weekends, many people travel to the Saturday market in Kingstown to sell their wares and meet friends.

 Vincentians have a strong storytelling tradition. Exchanging folk tales, as well as news and memories, is an integral part of community life. Anansi tales, which are African in origin, feature animals that try to outwit one another. Emphasis is placed on the storyteller's performance, which includes the ability to incorporate local elements in traditional stories.