South Africa has 12 public holidays. Some are similar to those observed here in Canada.

Christmas, Good Friday and Easter are the Christian holidays. People go to church, have meals and engage in various cultural activities.

Muslims and Hindus also observe special religious holidays.

People get together for parades and picnics on family holidays such as New Year's and Family Day.

Workers' Day, Freedom Day, Youth Day, Women's Day and Human Rights Day are political holidays. They are celebrated with speeches, music and dance festivals and rallies. All of these usually take place in the open air. Rallies are arranged in the big cities.

New Year's Day January 1
Human Rights Day March 21
SGood Friday Friday before Easter Sunday
Family Day Day After Easter Monday
Freedom Day April 27
Worker's Day May 1
Youth Day June 16
National Women's Day August 9
Heritage Day September 24
Day of Reconciliation December 16
Christmas Day December 25
Day of Goodwill December 26