Christmas, on December 25, and Easter are the most important religious holidays in Romania.

Romanians also celebrate New Year's Day and ecember 1, Romanian Day, commemorating the date when Transylvania became a part of Romania in 1918.

Traditional folklore and festivals are very important in Romania, though their importance is on the decline. Most of the festivals are tied to great feasts of the Orthodox Church and are celebrated nation wide. There are also local festivals celebrated by small groups of people, such as the Oasheni. They live in the western mountains and are Christians, who believe they are the keepers of the old customs of the ancestors.

Romanian traditional folk festivals include the Maiden Fair at Gaina Mountain and the Flower Festivals in Mehedinti and Severin. Others are the International Festival of Amateur Theatricals, the International and National Festival of Dance Sports, the International Jazz Festival and the International Light Music Festival also known as The Golden Stag.

There are specific dances, such as the round dances and ritual dances customary to Christian holidays and to wedding ceremonies.

Did you know?

Romanians have two favourite vacation spots, the mountains and the Black Sea on the coast. People enjoy beach parties during their holiday time.