During Roman rule, the official language was Latin. Gradually, a new language emerged which was much the same as the language spoken in Romania today. Romanian is part of the Romance group of languages. Because it evolved from the Latin language spoken by the native Dacians, it is different from other regional tongues. The other languages spoken are Hungarian, Romany, French, German and English.
Until the mid 19th century, Romanian was written in the Cyrillic script. Today, the language consists of 28 Latin letters, some of which bear an accent. It is spelled phonetically.

Here are some useful words in Romanian:

English Romanian
Good morning Bună dimineato
Good day Bună ziua
Good evening Bună searo
Good night Noapte bun
Cheers! Noroc!
Yes Da
No Nu
Sir Domnul
Madam Doamna
Thank you Multumesc
Please Vă rog
Good-bye La revedere
Bon voyage Drum bun

Did you know?

Romanian words may sound similar to some Italian, French or Spanish words because Romania is the only country in Eastern Europe where people speak a language of Latin origin.