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The Europa World Year Book, Volume II, Europa 1997.
This source provides more information about transport, trade and industry, finances, the press, the judicial system, diplomatic representation, political organizations, the government, external trade and agriculture in Portugal today.

Bradford, Sarah. Portugal, Thames and Hudson, 1991.
This book discusses the individuality of Portugal, the liberal era, the republic era, the new state, modernization and change. It also tells how Portugal relates to the rest of the world and discusses the future of Portugal.

Anderson, Brian and Anderson, Eileen. Lisbon And Central Portugal, Passport Books, 1997.
Geography, history, tourism and Portuguese foods are thoroughly explored in this book. Maps of the country and of small towns are provided. Specific information about places such as Costa Azul, Alto Alentejo, Serra da Estrela, Rota do Sol and Lisbon is outlined in detail.

Robertson, Ian. Portugal, A&C Black, 1996.
This book contains general information about Portugal.

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