Eating the Portuguese Way
Potatoes, bread and rice are staples in the Portuguese diet. Portuguese also like to eat a great deal of fish and seafood. Sardines, for example, are grilled over charcoal and served with boiled potatoes. The Portuguese enjoy pork in a variety of ways, including presunto, smoked ham or sausages. There are many different kinds of Portuguese sausages: chourišo, a dark sausage made from cured pork and spiced with garlic and paprika, murcela, a blood sausage, and alheira, a smoked sausage made from chicken, bread, and spices.
Vegetable-based soup is usually served before or after the main course. Caldo verde, green soup, is served in the northern parts of Portugal. It is made out of potatoes, garlic, kale, olive oil and sausage. Two traditional Portuguese dishes are boiled salt codfish called bacalhau and a dish including boiled meat and vegetables known as cozido Ó portuguesa.
Did you know?

In restaurants in Portugal, the letters S. P. stand for segundo o peso. This is beside items on the menu that indicate the food, usually seafood, is charged by weight.

Olive oil and vinegar are used frequently in different forms of cooking. Common snacks are prego, steak sandwich, rissois, meat and seafood in a deep fried shell or in patties and pasteis de bacalhau, codfish croquettes. Portuguese people generally have breakfast, as a full meal, as well as lunch and dinner. Dinner is the main meal. The entire family sits down together for meals whenever they can.

Some Portuguese sweets include sponge cake, honey cake, which is popular in Madeira, custard tarts, rice pudding and creme caramel. Nearly every city block in Portugal has its Pastaleria or pastry shop. After dinner, brandy is often served with coffee.

Here is a recipe for you to try:



500 gm squash
2 kg flour
500 ml water
1 tbs salt
1 tbs yeast
3 tbs port
250 ml orange juice
2 L olive oil
250 gm sugar
250 gm cinnamon


Boil squash for approximately 20 minutes on high. Puree squash with flour, add water and mix salt, wine, yeast and orange juice together. Leave mixture to sit for an hour and a half. Roll mixture into small balls with hands. Boil the olive oil and place filhos into the oil. Cook in oil for approximately five minutes or until light brown. Remove from oil and roll in sugar and cinnamon.