Pakistan to Canada

Canada is a land of immigrants. Today Canada remains a favourite destination for those seeking a new homeland. Recently, people from Asia have been among the largest group of immigrants. You may be interested in this booklet because you are involved in the HOST Program welcoming new immigrants from Pakistan. It is hoped that this booklet will help you with your meetings with people from Pakistan. While the cultural profile provides insight into some customs, it does not cover all facets of life. The customs described may not apply in equal measure to all newcomers from this country.

Young Pakistani immigrants are usually students who come here for education and better job prospects. Many of the older Pakistanis are married and well educated in their own country. Other newcomers from the poorer economic areas may have difficulty with English, and have limited education.

The people who speak English will have little trouble adapting to Canada and finding jobs although they may be frustrated that their qualifications are not accepted here. They often take jobs for which they are overqualified, while others start their own businesses.

Our friends from Pakistan come from a dynamic and varied culture. It is important to be sensitive to the religious practices of Pakistanis that guide the various aspects of their lives and must be strictly observed. The foods they eat, their daily prayers, the way they dress and their manner of greeting friends may be different from those of Canadians.