Sports and Recreation
Football, which Canadians call soccer, is the most popular sport. Other favourites include baseball and American football. In the north, horseback riding is enjoyed by many and rodeos are often held. Charreria is another sport. It is similar to a rodeo. At the same time as Charreria a fiesta takes place, where people celebrate and attend with great enthusiasm.

Bullfight or corrida de toros is more than a sport or entertainment. It is a passion to members of the older generation. There is a saying that Mexicans arrive on time for only 2 events, funerals and bullfights. Bullfighting was restricted several times in the course of history, but those restrictions were difficult to maintain. It is one expression of the machismo of the Mexican male. Mexico City has the largest bullfighting arena in the world.

Did you know?

Tequila is a liquor made exclusively in Mexico from the agave plant that grows around the town of Tequila. It is used in the preparation of many cocktails, including the famous Margarita. Tequila was first developed when the Spaniards brought with them the art of distillation in the early part of the 16th century. It is consumed with salt and lime in many countries