Family Life

Most Mexicans are family oriented. Family takes priority over work. In rural areas girls are supervised closely in the home until they are married, while boys have more freedom. In general both men and women follow the traditions of gender based roles, with women in the home as wives and mothers and men in the workplace. It is customary for all children to remain in the home until they marry. In urban areas these attitudes are beginning to change.

There are differences in the culture and values of Mexico's different classes. The gap between the very wealthy and the poor has grown much wider over the last decade. The very poor are growing in numbers and struggle to survive.

Did you know?

A special handshake which is very firm, is a sign of great favour in Mexico.

The machismo of the Mexican male refers to a traditionally imposed code of behaviour for men. The man who is macho is proud, confident, and in control. He never reveals the soft emotions of fear, disappointment, or sadness. Generally, it is important that a Mexican man appears strong.

Mexicans know how to enjoy life. They give priority to families, weekends, holidays and festivities. Some also enjoy extended four day weekends at Christmas and Easter. They often travel as a family to visit relatives in the country, picnic or relax at resorts.

Did you know?

In keeping with Spanish tradition, a Mexican usually has two family names, for example, Juan Perez Lopez. Perez is the family name of Juan's father and Lopez is his mother's family name.