Communicating with Mexicans

There is no language called Mexican The majority of Mexicans speak Spanish, the official language, and many are familiar, to some extent, with English. There are about 50 Native languages and dialects, including Nahuatl, Tarasco, Mayan and Otomi. Through several government programs, Spanish is taught to all Natives

Here are some terms which are used in everyday life:



Good morning! Buenos días
How are you? ¿Cómo esta usted?
Very well Muy Bien
Thank you Gracias
You're welcome De nada
Good-bye Adios
Please Por favor
No No
Excuse me Erdóneme
To the righ A la derecha
To the left A la izquierda
School Escuela
I am sorry Lo siento
When? ¿Cuando?
What? ¿Que ?
Yesterday Ayer
Today Hoy
Tomorrow Mañana
Good Bueno
Bad Malo

Did you know?

Spanish is spoken in Spain, most countries in Central and South America and parts of the United States and the Philippines.