Sports and Recreation
Sports are an important part of Kuwaiti society. There is a wide range of sporting activities and facilities available throughout the country. Kuwait has six world-class stadiums, is the headquarters for the Asian Olympic Council and has many recreational sea clubs or associations. Sea clubs provide various facilities and activities including swimming pools, sand beaches, playgrounds for many sports, karate classes, marinas for yachts and boats, and restaurants. Since Kuwait is a coastal country, people enjoy swimming, wind surfing, water skiing, scuba diving and yachting.
For many Kuwaitis, soccer or, as they call it, football, is the most popular sport. Like many other Middle East countries, Kuwait has taken to soccer with a passion. It is played in every school and sport club in the country. There are over 120 soccer fields in the country. The fortunes of the national team are watched with keen interest.

Traditional sports such as horse racing and falconry are still practised in Kuwait.

Kuwaitis spend much of their free time socializing with family members and friends. Diwaniya is a place separate from the main house that is usually used by men for socializing. Diwaniya is known throughout the Arabian Peninsula. It continues to be significant in the lives of most Kuwaitis. Diwaniya sessions occur regularly, usually weekly. The atmosphere in the Diwaniya is reminiscent of late night relaxing in a desert tent, and resembles a social club. Visitors are offered refreshments. They engage in discussions of politics and life, or enjoy various forms of entertainment, such as watching television and videos, playing cards, discussing family and neighbourhood affairs, or simply sitting in friendly silence.
Did you know?

Falconry is an ancient sport in which birds of prey hunt animals and other birds. The birds are trained to swoop down on their prey from great height with tremendous speed. They then return to their master.