If You Want to Learn More
This profile only gives a small glimpse of Kuwaiti life. If you want to read more, here are a few suggestions.

Farkas, Claudia, and Wells, Keith.Kuwait: A Personal View, Kuwaiti Bookshops Co. Ltd, 1987.
This picture book has beautiful colour photographs of Kuwaiti life, with a brief personal account of Kuwaiti society by the authors.

Royal Scottish Museum. The Evolving Culture of Kuwait, 1985.
This book compares traditional and modern Kuwaiti life. It pays particular attention to traditional Kuwaiti clothing and jewellery, and has beautiful colour photographs.

Abu-Hakima, Ahmed Mustafa. The Modern History of Kuwait: 1750-1965, Luzac & Company, 1983.
This book by a McGill professor reviews the history of Kuwait from its modern foundation in 1750 to 1965. It is well ordered and is the most detailed history of Kuwait available.

Earthscan Arms Control Research Center. Hidden Casualties: Environmental, Health, and Political Consequences of the Persian Gulf War, Earthscan, 1994.
This detailed and well illustrated book details the severe consequences of the Gulf War.

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