Communicating with Kuwaitis
Kuwaitis speak Arabic, the language of the Qur'an. With the spread of Islam after the 7th century, Arabic became the common language of most of the Middle East and North Africa. Classical Arabic is used in higher learning and written communication across the Arab world, but people speak local dialects.

Educated Kuwaitis will know both classical Arabic and colloquial Kuwaiti Arabic. Egyptian music and television shows are popular in Kuwait. So many people speak Egyptian Arabic as well. Men customarily greet each other by kissing one another on the cheek, and by shaking hands. Religious Kuwaitis do not shake hands with members of the opposite sex.

As is the Muslim custom, Kuwaitis often sprinkle their language with references to Allah. Common terms used include: Al-hamdu-lilah, All Praise is due to Allah, In Sha-Allah, Allah Willing and Subhan-Allah, Glory be to Allah.

Here are some other Kuwaiti words:   
English Arabic
Greeting Salaam
Welcome Ya hala
Thank you  Shukran 
Please Min fadlak
Come in  Tafaddul
Money Fuloos
Father Ab
Mother Umm
Boy  Walad
Girl Bint
Baby  Tifl
Sister Ukht
Brother Akh
Hot Harr
Cold Bard