Kenya's Amateur Athletic Association was formed in 1951 and later joined the International Amateur Athletic Federation. Athletic meetings were held and soon athletics gained a new status, moving beyond village or school contests and into the world of serious competition. Training programs and competition in international events brought world recognition and respect for Kenyan athletes.
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Kenya took home eight track and field medals from the 1996 Summer Olympics.

Today track and field athletes from Kenya have competed at Olympic levels with great success and are especially known for distance running. Kipchoge Keino, Henry Rono, Mike Boit, Peter Koech and Paul Ereng are some of Kenya's most famous competitors.

Soccer, called football, is the sport of choice for Kenyans. The national soccer team is called the Harambee Stars. Kenyans also enjoy playing cricket, field hockey, netball and volleyball. Golf is becoming more popular, especially among professional people.

Traditional games often played by children include: kigogo, played with stones in shallow holes in the ground; kodi or kora, which is like jacks; putano, which is like marbles; checkers and cards. Swimming is also enjoyed on the coast and around the lakes.

Kenyans like movies and those living in cities go to the theatres. Mobile motion picture units bring films to people in rural areas.

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At Easter Kenya hosts the annual Safari Rally, which, along with the Paris-Dakar Rally, is one of the toughest and most exciting automobile rally events in the world.