Kenya is located at the meeting point of East Africa, the Indian Ocean and the Equator. Kenya has a tropical climate with plenty of sunshine, at least 12 hours a day, for the whole year. Evenings and mornings may be cool, but in most parts of the country, Kenyans can wear summer clothes all year round. The warm blue waters of the Indian Ocean affects the climate. Along the coast the weather is usually hot and humid, with a short rainy season between April and July. Coconut trees grow well in this weather.
Inland, the weather is much drier. The northern and eastern part of Kenya is on a high plateau, so rainfall is sparse. Shrub vegetation and dry grasses are able to survive, but the difficulty of obtaining water means that people can survive only by constantly moving their livestock to find fresh water and grass.
Did you know? 

The highest point of Kenya's highlands is Mt. Kenya, which is over 5000 metres. 

The central and western parts of Kenya have a more stable climate, but farther south, the land becomes dry again, giving way to grasses and shrub land. In the wildlife parks here, the lions, elephants, rhinos, cheetahs, water buffaloes, giraffes and hippopotamuses roam freely.

 In the southwestern highlands is the Rift Valley, one of the wonders of the world. It holds the evidence of the earliest human ancestors known. The valley is actually a continuation of a giant depression that runs across Africa. The Rift Valley has huge escarpments with lakes in some places.

Summary Fact Sheet


Official Name:  Republic of Kenya
Capital:  Nairobi 
Type of Government: Democratic Republic
Population:  28.7 million 
Area:  580,370 sq km
Major Ethnic Groups:  Kikuyu, Abaluhya, Luo, Kamba, Kalenjin, Kisii, Meru, Mijikenda, Masai, and approximately 30 other groups that include Asians, Europeans and Arabs 
Languages:  Kiswahili and English
Religions:  Christianity, Traditional and Islam
Unit of Currency:  Kenyan Shilling 
National Flag:  Spears and shield on black, red and green horizontal bands separated by white lines 
Date of Independence: December 12, 2021