Both English and Kiswahili or Swahili are official languages in Kenya, though there are close to 40 native languages or dialects spoken by different groups. Kenya is a cultural microcosm of Africa. Over the centuries people from many lands have migrated to Kenya, bringing with them some distinctive features of their own language and culture. The Kenyans who speak Cushitic languages occupy the largest area in the north of the country and lead a nomadic existence. Other Kenyans who speak Bantu languages in the central and coastal areas, and Nilotic languages in the south and west, live in fixed settlements on lands that are more fertile and productive.
Swahili was originally a spoken language until the British colonists decided to write it down in the early 1900s. Many people learned to write Swahili in Arabic script and still do. The Swahili language is the most widely spoken language in Kenya besides English. Words are spelled phonetically, since the British wrote down the sounds exactly as they heard them. This is an advantage when learning some basic Swahili words and phrases, as pronunciation will be easier.

Here are some Swahili phrases for you to try:

English Swahili
Hello Jambo
How are you? Habari gani?
Thank you Asante
Please Tafadhali
Yes Ndiyo
No Hapana
Okay Sawa sawa
No problem! Hakuna matata!
Welcome Karibu
Good-bye Kwa heri