One of the most important celebrations in Honduras is February 3, the feast day of the Virgin of Suyapa, the patron saint of Honduras. The Fair of the Virgin of Suyapa takes place from February 3 to 10 near Tegucigalpa. Most towns and cities in Honduras have patron saints and hold annual celebrations in their honour. One of the largest celebrations is the Carnival at La Ceiba, held during the third week of May. On the Saturday, there are parades, music and merrymaking in the streets. Other popular fairs are held in San Pedro Sula during the last week of June, in Tela on June 13, Trujillo on June 24 and Danlí on the last weekend of August.

Labour Day on May 1 celebrates the power of labourers in Honduras. Rural workers take long bus rides or walk great distances to take part in peaceful demonstrations of solidarity in the cities on Labour Day.

Like many other Central and South American countries, Honduras celebrates the Day of the Americas on April 14. On June 9, Hondurans honour José Trinidad Cabañas. Cabañas (1805-71) is remembered for his efforts to keep the Central American federation together. He was president of Honduras in the 1850s and made the first attempt to build a railway in Central America. Francisco Morazán is honoured with a special day on October 3.

Columbus Day on October 12 marks Columbus's landing in Honduras. Independence Day, September 15, commemorates Central America's declaration of independence from Spain in 1821.

Shortly before Christmas, Hondurans set up a nativity scene. They cover the baby Jesus with a blanket. On Christmas Eve, the blanket is removed to unveil the baby. People may attend mass on Christmas Eve, then visit relatives until midnight. Afterwards they go outside to wish their neighbours a merry Christmas and then feast well into the night. On Christmas Day, there are usually presents for the children and fireworks displays until midnight.

On New Year's Eve, Hondurans wear their best clothes. At midnight, everyone who has been able to stay awake goes out to wish the neighbours a happy, prosperous New Year. As with many other Honduran holidays, music and dancing play a large part in the festivities.

January 1 New Year’s Day
March or April Good Friday, Easter, Easter Monday
April 14 Day of the Americas
May 1 Labour Day
September 15 Independence Day
October 3 Morazán Day
October 12 Columbus Day
October 21 Armed Forces Day
December 25 Christmas Day

   Did you know?
Hondurans celebrate Language Day (marked by competitions in schools), Teachers' Day (when students bring teachers flowers, candy or fruit), Tree Day (when a pine tree is planted by each student), and Environment Day (celebrating trees, plants, animals and water). Hondurans celebrate Mother's Day, Father's Day and Children's Day as well.