Haitians express their love of music and dance in bamboches. Bamboches are social gatherings where the dancing is pou' plaisi' (for pleasure). Haitians also combine work with pleasure through the combite. This is a communal working party held when a family or a neighbourhood has a big work project. The participants work and afterwards drink clairin (a type of alcohol) to the beat of drums. A dance often follows the combite and may run late into the night.
The most popular team sport is soccer. It is the national sport of Haiti. It draws huge crowds to matches in Sylvio Cator Stadium in Port-au-Prince. In addition, there are national volleyball and karate teams. Cockfighting is also popular among those who like to gamble.
Did you know?

Soccer is popular with both sexes in Haiti. There are national men's and women's soccer teams.

Wealthy Haitians enjoy tennis, golf, hiking and water sports such as diving, snorkeling and sailing. Favourite pastimes include visiting beaches and the countryside and camping. Because of Haiti's poverty, many people do not have access to these kinds of recreational activities.

In the Haitian streets you can watch an entertaining version of miniature football. It is played with two teams of five and a goal two feet high. There are a number of popular children's games that are played in Haiti such as lago (a form of tag), marelle (a form of hopscotch) and osselets (a game 2-4 children can play that uses goats' bones as a type of dice).