Haiti has 16 holidays that are widely celebrated. Many of the holidays recognize important dates in Haiti's history. January 1 is not only New Year's Day in Haiti, but Independence Day. On January 1, 1804, Haiti became the first black republic in the world.
Did you know? 

Some bands for the Rara festival have a thousand or more members. 

November 18 commemorates the Battle of Vertičres, marking the 1803 victory of former slaves over the French. October 17 celebrates the anniversary of the death of Jean-Jacques Dessalines in 1806. Dessalines was a former slave who became the first leader of an independent Haiti. Throughout Haiti, people celebrate Carnival just before the Christian season of Lent begins. Parades and bands of masked dancers and Carnival participants can be seen on the roads and in the streets. Music is provided by walking bands (bandes-ŕ-pied or rabôdailles) that draw large, chanting crowds. These bands sing songs with lyrics that make fun of local politics.
Following Carnival is the celebration called Rara. This celebration takes place during Lent, including the Easter weekend. Colourfully dressed Rara bands from Voodoo societies roam the countryside dancing, singing, beating drums and blowing homemade wind instruments.

 On November 1 (All Saints Day) and November 2 (All Souls Day), louas (gods or spirits) are said to possess individuals who practise Voodoo. These individuals roam the streets and cemeteries, dressed to look like corpses or undertakers, dancing with everyone they meet. As ghede (gods or spirits of the dead), they make fun of human conceit. 

January 1  New Year's and Independence Day
January 2 Ancestors' Day
February or March Shrove Monday, Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday (Carnival)
March-April Good Friday, Easter
April 14 Pan-American Day
April-May Ascension Thursday
May 1 Agriculture and Labour Day
May 18 Flag and University Day
May or June  Corpus Christi
August 15 Feast of the Assumption
October 17 Anniversary of the Death of Jean-Jacques Dessalines 
October 24 United Nations Day
November 1 All Saints Day 
November 2 All Souls Day
November 18 Battle of Vertičres Day
December 25 Christmas Day