Sports and Recreation

The British introduced cricket to Guyana. It is a sport with some similarities to baseball and is very popular. People from Guyana excel at the sport and are often recruited to play for the English cricket clubs. Cricket is the national sport of Guyana and is played and enjoyed by both men and women. The Guyanese follow the International Test Matches with great enthusiasm. Both men's and women's teams compete at national, school, county and village levels.

Football, called soccer in Canada, is the next most popular field game for both children and young adults. Guyanese children also engage in other sports such as volleyball, basketball, North American-style football, golf, badminton, tennis, field hockey, cycling and boxing.

The game of dominoes is almost a national passion. Men and women play this game at social gatherings and in organized competitions. A card game called trump is popular as well.

Another favourite activity for people in Georgetown is walking on the kokers, which are the dykes or sea walls built by the Dutch in the 1600s.

Did you know?

Georgetown has a vibrant and varied music scene where people enjoy listening to western, Caribbean and East Indian music.