If You Want to Learn More

Here are a few suggested readings for more information about Guyana and its culture. Harris, Wilson. History, Fable and Myth in the Caribbean and Guianas, Calaloux Publications, revised, 1995.
An excellent lecture series, it was originally published in Georgetown, Guyana, in the 1970s and has recently been revised and reissued.

Targ Brill, Marlene. Guyana, Childen's Press, 1994.
From the children's section of your library, this book offers a good general source of information about Guyana with colour photographs and maps.

Merrill, Tim (edited by). Guyana and Belize: Country Studies, U.S. G.P.O., 1993.
This is a U.S. government publication which is in its second printing. It has numerous maps and good general information about Guyana.

Waugh, Evelyn. Ninety-Two Days, Farrar and Reinhart, 1934.
An English gentleman's story of his travels through the Caribbean, including Guyana and South America.

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