Guyana to Canada

You may be a volunteer or a worker with the HOST Program welcoming new immigrants from Guyana. You may be someone who wants to understand the ways and values of different cultures. Perhaps you are planning to employ new immigrants. Whatever your interest, this booklet will introduce you to Guyana.
Did you know?

The word Guyana takes its name from a Native word, Guyana, meaning, land of many waters.

The majority of Guyanese immigrants have come to Canada during the past 30 years. Economic and political instability that began in the 1960s led to a wave of migration that continues to this day. These immigrants are mainly of East Indian and African origin, the two largest ethnic groups in Guyana. Guyanese from the other four ethnic groups (Native, Chinese, Portuguese, and other Europeans) have also immigrated to Canada. While the cultural profile provides insight into some customs, it does not cover all facets of life. The customs described may not apply in equal measure to all newcomers from this country.
Certainly, some aspects of life in Canada may seem strange to the new arrivals. They will want to know the same things you would if you moved to a new city, town or country. What is my new neighbourhood like? Where can I buy food for my family? Which school will my children attend? How do I get around in my new community?

Your new Guyanese friends will appreciate your efforts to understand their culture and country. Also important to the new immigrants is your friendliness, understanding, trust and respect for their own past experiences and way of life.