Cricket, soccer (called football) and netball are the most popular sports on the island. Cricket is played from January to June and during that time there is a game almost every Saturday and Sunday. Junior Murray and Rawle Lewis are two Grenadian cricketers who have achieved international fame. Basketball, tennis and golf are increasing in popularity.

Children play a game called rounders, which is similar to baseball. The ball is usually a tennis ball and it is hit with a cricket bat instead of a baseball bat, but as in baseball there are four bases and runs are scored in the same way.

Grenadians are very athletic and people of all ages participate in sporting events. The Preparatory Games in June give children ages 4 to 12 a chance to take part in athletic competitions. Intercol is a popular annual sporting affair at which secondary schools compete against each other in running, jumping and other athletic events. Other athletic events include the Grenada International Triathlon in which competitors swim 1 kilometre, cycle 25 kilometres, and run 5 kilometres. The National Athletic Championship occurs in March and features the top athletes in Grenada.
Boat races and regattas are very popular in Grenada. The Carriacou Regatta, which takes place in August, covers the distance between Grenada and Carriacou. Cultural exhibits, dances and street parties are scheduled before and after the race. There is a yacht race almost every month. Both tourists and local people participate in these boating events.
Did you know?

On Independence Day, there is a 24-kilometre relay race from St. Mark's to St. George's.

Fishing is becoming a popular competitive sport. The Spice Island Billfish Tournament in January is the most well-known fishing competition. Fishermen from all over the world come to compete for cash prizes. Water-skiing, scuba diving, swimming and other aquatic sports are popular with tourists.