Many Grenadian holidays are religious festivals. Christmas is celebrated with carol singing and church services. Corpus Christi in June marks the traditional beginning of the planting season and is observed by a religious procession in the city of St. George's. St. Patrick's Day is celebrated with a street festival featuring local arts and crafts, agricultural products and food. Easter Monday is celebrated by a kite-flying competition at various locations on the island.
National holidays include New Year's Day, Independence Day, Labour Day, Emancipation Day, Thanksgiving and Boxing Day. Gala balls and parties at hotels and clubs in the cities are held on these days. People in rural areas cook and eat large quantities of food. They dance, drink and enjoy themselves during all of these celebrations.
Did you know?

The Big Drum festival on Carriacou is celebrated with stick fighting, special foods and offerings made to the dead.

Independence Day is the most important political holiday. It is marked by a military parade in St. George's. People throughout the three-island nation attend beach parties to mark the day.

In March, there is an International Food and Drink festival, featuring foods from all of the nationalities that live in Grenada. During the Spice Jazz festival, held during the last week of May, there are demonstrations of the music, arts, crafts and foods that are unique to Grenada.

At the end of June is the Fisherman's Birthday, the feast of Saints Peter and Paul. Priests bless the nets and boats of the fishing fleet and there are boat races and a street festival.Carnival is celebrated on the second weekend in August and the days preceding the weekend. During this time there are steel band competitions, King and Queen of the Band competitions, calypso contests, parades, singing and dancing. Some people dress in beautiful and colourful costumes, while others dress up as Djab Djab (devils) and smear themselves (and everyone else around them, particularly the well-dressed) with tar. Carriacou celebrates its Carnival in early spring, forty days before Easter.