Access to health care in Grenada is generally good. Emergency care is provided at hospitals in the town of St. George's (General Hospital), the parish of St. Andrew (Princess Alice Hospital) and on the island of Carriacou (Princess Royal Hospital). Grenada is also a centre for medical training in the Caribbean through St. George's University, which is a privately owned school managed by Americans.

General health care is provided through six health centres and thirty district medical clinics. There are also homes for mentally and physically challenged children and seniors' residences. Free dental treatment is provided at government hospitals and clinics.

Malaria and yellow fever used to be the two most serious diseases in Grenada. A piped water supply to all of the towns and many remote villages, as well as free medical assistance, has greatly reduced the number of people suffering from these diseases. Similarly, iron deficiencies among women, particularly in more rural areas of the country, used to be a problem. Increased outreach and education from medical clinics and health centres has helped to reduce this problem significantly.
Did you know?

The infant mortality rate is low and the average life expectancy for women is 74 years and for men, 69 years.

Some Grenadians use West African healing practices that rely on herbs and traditional medicines. These traditions are passed from one generation to another by word of mouth. For example, grated nutmeg in a hot toddy of rum, lime and honey is said to remove impurities in the blood. Grated nutmeg may also be mixed with oil and rubbed on the chest of someone suffering from a cold. Sweat baths infused with herbs are believed to cleanse and re-energize women after they have given birth. Writing on the skin with special pens, using sacred or "power" words, is believed to cure shingles (a painful skin condition).
Exercise is becoming more popular among Grenadians, particularly women. A number of new health clubs have opened throughout the island. To encourage women to participate in sports and exercise, there is now a 5-kilometre athletic event, for women only, held every May just outside St. George's.