Grenada has produced many writers and musicians. One of the best-known writers is Merle Collins, author of Angel (1987) and The Colour of Forgetting (1995). She has also published two books of poetry, as well as studies of Caribbean literature. She has served in Grenada's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is currently a university professor in the United States. Jean Buffong is a Grenadian novelist living in England, whose books Under the Silk Cotton Tree (1992) and Snowflakes in the Sun (1997) depict the joys and difficulties of life in Grenada. Ricardo Keens-Douglas has written books for children set in Grenada.
Grenadian music includes calypso, reggae and jazz. Calypsos are songs with political or satirical lyrics. Originally, they were songs that slaves sang about their harsh European masters. Reggae is another form of Caribbean music that often has political lyrics. David Emmanuel, a well-known Grenadian reggae artist and musician, has sold over 14 million records worldwide. Kingsley Etienne is a jazz keyboard musician from Grenada.
Did you know?

One of the world's most famous calypso artists, Slinger Francisco, known as The Mighty Sparrow, was born in Grenada. The Mighty Sparrow has performed in Toronto many times during Caribana.

Grenadians of African heritage have developed sophisticated dance forms, which have been passed down from generation to generation. The dances may be accompanied by rhythmic drum beats. The art of playing these drums is another tradition that has been handed down through generations. Grenadians may use wooden, leather or steel drums. Traditional European folk dances such as quadrille and piquet are also performed in Grenada.

The Heritage Theatre Company of Grenada was formed in the late 1980s, and is composed of individuals who have given their time voluntarily to developing theatrical arts in Grenada. They have performed in other Caribbean countries and in North America. Many of the plays performed have been directed and written by a local playwright, Christopher DeRiggs.