Ardagh, John. Germany and the Germans. London, Penguin, 1991.
This book covers all aspects of German life. It has been revised to include the period after reunification.

Flippo, Hyde. The German Way: Aspects of Behavior, Attitudes and Customs in the German-Speaking World. Lincolnwood, Illinois, Passport Books, 1997.
An easy-to-read guide to how Germans think, speak, do business and behave in their daily lives.

Hesse, Hermann. Narziss and Goldmund. London, Penguin, 1971.
A classic German novel, written in 1930 and set in medieval Germany, about the friendship between a scholar and a wanderer.

McLachlan, Gordon. Germany: The Rough Guide. London, Rough Guides, 1998.
A detailed guide to Germany, region by region.

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