Cambodians enjoy swimming at beaches and in pools. On Sundays, many people in Phnom Penh go to Koki Beach on the Mekong River. They rent an area of thatched pier, where they can talk, picnic and nap. Various foods are available at this beach. Kep Beach in Kampot province is the biggest and most popular beach.

 In rural areas many people use rice fields as soccer fields after the harvest. People in urban areas jog and play badminton. Schoolchildren and university students often play soccer. 

A large stadium called the Olympic Stadium is the centre of sports in Phnom Penh. Today people go there to watch basketball, volleyball and exhibitions of tai-kwon-do. Cambodians also go to the National Sports Centre to swim, box, play volleyball and enjoy other sporting activities.

 Traditional music and dancing are popular in rural areas. In Phnom Penh, there are discos and night clubs. Live bands play at some hotels where both Cambodian and western-style music can be enjoyed. There are a few karaoke bars.

Children in Cambodia play a variety of games. Heoung is played mostly by boys. It is similar to baseball, but is played with two sticks instead of a bat and a ball. As the players run the bases they must hum. Two games that girls play are tress and baycon. Tress is a little like pick-up-sticks. For baycon twelve holes are made in the ground. Two people play. In each hole there are four seeds. The first player picks the four seeds from one hole and distributes them to the other holes. Then she picks up seeds from the next hole and redistributes them too. She continues until she comes to an empty hole. At that point she wins all the seeds in the hole after the empty one. The second player begins where the first finished. Baycon is a fast game. The person with the most seeds in her possession at the end of the game wins.
 Did you know? 
In rural areas folk plays and shadow plays are enjoyed by villagers. Chess is popular with older men.