Canesso, Claudia. Places and Peoples of the World: Cambodia. Chelsea House Publishers, 1989.
This is a book for young people that gives an overview of Cambodia including its history, people, geography and culture.

Chandler, David P. The Land and People of Cambodia. HarperCollins, New York, 1991.
This is an easy-to-read book with information about Cambodia and the people who live there.

Greenblatt, Miriam. Enchantment of the World: Cambodia. Children's Press, Inc., Chicago, 1995.
A book for young people with beautiful pictures and simple text. It gives an overview of Cambodia and its people.

Livingston, Carol. Gecko Tails: A Journey Through Cambodia. London, Phoenix, 1997.
A travel book about Cambodia.

Ngor, Haing. A Cambodian Odyssey. Warner Books, 1987.
Haing Ngor describes his life before and during the Vietnam War and Khmer Rouge regime.

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