One profile can give you only a glimpse of Brazilian life. If you would like to read more, here are a few suggestions.

Cobb, Vicki. This Place is Wet, Walker, 1989.
This book is ideal for younger readers. Cobb focuses on the people, land, ecology and animals of the Amazon rain forest in Brazil. In this area of Brazil, there is so much water that some families need to build their houses on stilts.

Chagnon, A. Yanomamo: the Fierce People, 3rd ed., CBS College Publisher, 1983.
This is a classic work which offers a case study in cultural anthropology of the Yanomamo Indians of Brazil and Venezuela. Chapters include discussions on cultural ecology, the Yanomamo's view of myth and cosmos, their social organization, political alliances, warfare, way of life and the introduction of western lifestyles.

Landes, Ruth.The City of Women, University of New Mexico Press, 1994.
This book explores Candomble religious society in Brazil as a woman-centred spirit possession religion. It's rich portraits are informed by an analysis of race, gender and sexuality.

The Mission, a movie (1986) directed by Roland Joffe, starring Robert De Niro and Jeremy Irons
The Mission is set in South America in the 1770s. In the film, Guarani Indians, inhabitants of the rain forest, encounter Jesuit Missionaries and European slave traders. This powerful epic illuminates the relationships among these groups and shows what can happen when different cultures encounter one another and the interests of faith and greed clash.

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