Sports and Recreation

Soccer is the most popular sport in Bangladesh, both in terms of participation and as a spectator event. The country has its own professional league, which features both Bangladeshi and foreign players.

Everywhere on the Indian subcontinent, cricket is a passion. Though Bangladesh is not a cricket test nation, it is one of the strongest sides among the second-tier countries. People also follow the matches of Pakistan, a world power in cricket. The Bangladeshis have hosted international test matches.

Kabaddi, a type of group wrestling, is the national sport of Bangladesh. It is a physical game, in which teams of six players tag and capture opponents who venture onto their side of the playing field.

Badminton is also extremely popular. It is one of the few sports in which women participate. Courts can be found even in small villages.

The big cricket, soccer and field hockey matches are played in the National Stadium in Dhaka, where all spectators are male.

Bangladesh sent four athletes to the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta.

Did you know?

Bangladeshis enjoy spectacular boat races featuring low, canoe-like craft, powered by 21 people who paddle the boats in the Burgiganga River.