The daily diet of most Albanians includes milk and cheese, vegetables and bread. Meat, eggplants, peppers, olives and tomatoes are frequently part of Albanian dishes. Feta cheese and a coarse white cheese called djathe i bardhe are common. Albanians also eat lots of fruit. 

Turkish dishes have influenced Albanian cooking. Shishqebap (shish kebab), romstek (beef patties) and qofte (meatballs) are popular grilled foods. Other popular Albanian foods include bourek or byrek (layers of pastry filled with cheese, meat, or vegetables), pilaf (a dish made with rice and cheese) and faszle (white bean soup). Beef stew and roast meat with sour cream or yogurt are common. A dessert popular in the city of Gjirokaster is hoshaf, which is made with figs.

Breakfast is usually bread and jam with tea and milk and sometimes eggs. The midday meal is the main meal of the day. It usually includes soup, salad, meat, and vegetables. Instead of a sweet dessert, most people will finish the meal with fresh fruit or nuts. However, akullore (ice cream) is popular in summer. In the cities, many people have their evening meal in a restaurant.

  Did you know?
A spring near Gjirokaster provides excellent mineral water for drinking. The water is named Glina after the nearest town. 

A guest in an Albanian home may be offered Turkish coffee and raki, a clear strong brandy made from grapes. In Kruja, people enjoy boza, a thick drink made with cornmeal, sugar and water. When Albanians gather in coffeehouses or bars, they may toast each other by saying "Gëzuar!"
  Lamb soup with parsley

 0.5 kg lamb, cut into small chunks
1 litre water
4 onions, finely chopped
2 tbsp butter
1 tbsp flour
2 bunches parsley,chopped
Plain yogurt


 Put meat in a large pot, cover with cold water and bring to a boil. Cook for 25 minutes. Sauté onions in butter. Add flour and parsley and mix. Add this mixture to soup. Reduce heat and continue to cook until the meat is tender. Serve with two or three spoonfuls of yogurt on top.