Elliot, Jason. An Unexpected Light. Travels in Afghanistan. London: Picador, 1999.
This book combines history, travelogue and personal reflections in a stirring account of the authorís journey through a country considered off-limits to tourists.

Foster, Leila Merrell. Afghanistan. New York: Childrenís Press, 1996.
Part of the Enchantment of the World series, this childrenís book has many photographs and offers sections on geography, history, economics, culture and religion.

Marwat, Fazal-ur-Rahim and Sayed Wiqar Ali Shah Kakakhel, ed. Afghanistan and the Frontier. Lahore, Pakistan: Emjay Books International, 1993.
Edited by two academics born in Afghanistan, this book offers articles on subjects such as early Pashtu writers, Afghan tribes and peoples, religious sects and politics.

Paine, Sheila. The Afghan Amulet. London: Michael Joseph Ltd., 1994.
Describes the experiences of a Western woman who visited Afghanistan diguised under a burqua (veiled robe).

Tapper, Nancy. Bartered Brides: Politics, Gender and Marriage in an Afghan Tribal Society. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1991.
Discusses the role of women and womenís organization among the Durani Pashtuns, with emphasis on kinship patterns and marriage.


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